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Mason Pratt


This website provides a library to showcase my different memes and allows people to share them with others.  Some of the artwork is original.  Some artwork is a combinations of other artists coupled with an appropriate quote.  Original artists are credited at every opportunity.  

This is an ongoing project, more memes will be added from time to time.

Thank you.

Six Collections

Finding Eldorado


Memes highlighting ideas, issues and emotions that occur in my book "Finding Eldorado". 

Click here for Finding Eldorado Memes



Memes created to promote Fraternal ties, Masonic Blue Lodge, York Rite, Scottish Rite and other orders. 

Click here for Freemason Promotional Memes

Freemason's Response


A series of memes to address specific questions and issues related to Freemasonry.

Click here for Freemason's Response Series Memes

Finding Eldorado Promotional Memes


These Memes promote my book "Finding Eldorado".  

Click here for Finding Eldorado Promotional Memes

Freemason Charts, Ciphers and Certificates


Masonic Charts, Certificates and Ciphers.

Click here for Freemason Charts, Cipher and Certificates

Whimsical, Business and Miscellaneous Graphics


Whimsical memes, business and miscellaneous graphics.  

Click here for Whimsical, Business and Miscellaneous Graphics

Related Websites

Finding Eldorado


Website created to promote my book "Finding Eldorado"..

Click here to go to www.findingeldorado.net

Mason Pratt


My personal website for information and events.

Click here to go to www.masonpratt.com



A wonderful resource for Masonic information.

Click here to go to www.phoenixmasonry.org

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